Our Processes

processPeople Hire Consulting has robust processes & tools to facilitate sourcing, validating and evaluating profiles to deliver candidates of the required skills and calibre to its clients. Our processes are metrics driven – we have developed indices for skills transportability, resource transportability, employ ability and also bench-marks for various parameters that are used to evaluate potential candidates.


We have a well-defined process for identifying target companies where the skills required are available. The various companies are evaluated and continuously monitored to check if they have the human resources with the skills and potential that can be transported to client companies.

Information & feedback provided by our clients and independent experts is also used to grade the companies. The companies are graded and a “resource transportability” index is created for each company relative to each client.

Candidate evaluation

Candidates’ CVs are checked to establish their technical skills, experience and personal qualities on paper. We validate the CVs by the academic background of the candidate, the company they work for, their career record, their experience profile in terms of roles, responsibilities, skills and accomplishments and compute the “employability index” and “skills transportability index” for each candidate.

Only candidates who measure up to the standards of our clients are considered for detailed evaluation.

Candidates are interviewed by a qualified recruiter to verify if the person can live up to their CVs. However, we only conduct high-level screening using check-lists and question-banks; we do not do in-depth interviews.