About us

People Hire Consulting is a growing company in the employment Services Industry, creating and developing a suitable work force to enable our clients gain an edge over others in the competitive work scenario. At People Hire Consulting, We assist professionals, companies and corporate to make the right choices, taking advantage from our understanding of current industry scenario and creating awareness of the future needs. Our focus is to source and identify high performance individuals to enhance the business performance of organizations.

As an Organization we employ unique, innovative, though, time tested methodology that is common to all our consultants and work force. People Hire Consulting provides several human resource solutions to its clients catering to the entire employment and business process. At People Hire Consulting, we are experts in expanding and harnessing the potential of organizations through a suitable work force.

People Hire Consulting has a huge data-bank of resumes of candidates which is a result of long hours spent on careful and scrupulous examination of CV’s. We are engaged in constantly enlarging and updating this databank as per the changing needs of the industry and the client portfolio.


People Hire Consulting aims at becoming the topmost priority company for catering to the human resources needs of all the leading corporations by partnering with them and providing a comprehensive range of human resource services.


Our mission is to consistently deliver value to our clients, better than any one else, through recruitment solutions and staffing services that enable efficient hiring of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities. Whether you need to recruit an entire team of specialists or have a vacancy in the upper echelons of the company, we have the aptitude to scout talent by industry, vertical, skill set, experience and location.